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More Spicy Three Pepper Ketchup 13.5 oz

$ 9.00
Award winning ketchup in the Fiery Food Challenge at the 2017 Zest Fest!
Our Three Pepper Ketchup transforms a classic condiment into a fresh addition to the kitchen pantry - thanks to its temping blend of three types of peppers and ripe, red tomatoes.

Three Pepper Ketchup
is a marriage of ketchup, salsa, and cocktail sauce.

Three Pepper Ketchup has a 100% more flavor than ordinary ketchup!  More Spicy gives a burst of heat, as well as, a burst of flavor!

Use our gourmet spicy ketchup on burgers or fries like an ordinary ketchup. Do not limit spicy ketchup to the backyard BBQ.  Use on tortilla chips with beans and cheese as a salsa. Use on crab cakes or oysters as a cocktail sauce.
13.5 oz (383 grams).

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