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About Us

Here at Little Acre Gourmet Foods...

in Dover, NH our goal is to create unique and unexpected flavor combinations that transform simple foods into something special. Our delectable peanuts, ketchups, mustard, and cranberry sauce are made from scratch in small batches by co-founders Trina and Bill Ahrens. All Little Acre products are made with all-natural ingredients with no artificial colors or flavors. Each jar or bag contains nothing but a blend of savory and sweet ingredients guaranteed to enhance the flavors of other foods. Making every day gourmet.

Bill, known as Dover, New Hampshire's favorite "hot dog man", created a hot-dog business, Downtown Dogs, after retiring from the corporate sector. As a condiment connoisseur, Bill believes hot dogs are the perfect vehicle for condiments – all condiments. 


Inspiration for Little Acre Gourmet Foods has come from Trina and Bill's love of good neighbors, good friends and good food." If it were not for our neighbors at the mill, Little Acre would not exist," notes Trina. "Our creative, our consulting chefs, and our biggest support all come from within the Washington Street Mills, which was also the home of Downtown Dogs. 

Little Acre maple roasted peanuts are great as a healthy snack, a protein snack, or a salty snack when relaxing with a beer. Little Acre condiments can be used in a variety of different ways: to create an appetizer, enhance an entree, or as a garnish. Our recipes show just how versatile Little Acre products can be. We hope you will try them and enjoy your own taste of gourmet!


   About Trina...

Trina, the condiment and snack creator, has a background in chemistry, which led to experimenting in the kitchen. "Cooking is both an art and a science, and developing new tastes is exciting," she says. Soon after she started making them, Trina's mustards, ketchups and relishes were in demand at Downtown Dogs. "Our circle of friends has grown and includes Genuine Local in Meredith, New Hampshire, where we produce our condiments. Good neighbors and good friends are certainly behind our success!"

Trina grew up in the Midwest where harvesting, cooking and preserving food for your family, friends and neighbors was a way of life. Meals were prepared with produce from the backyard, and that taste of summer was kept alive through the winter, thanks to many hours putting up fruits and vegetables. On the farm, preservatives and additives were never used.
Trina met Bill while attending college in Ohio farm country. Over the years, and after many travels, they settled in New England and raised two children.
Trina has had a long history of unique careers – farm hand, dressmaker, auto muffler maker, leather-purse and hat maker, sales clerk, telephone operator, Tandem frame wirer, mother, Sunday-school teacher, den mother, designer and creator of window treatments, tombstone engraver, pharmaceutical chemist, better half of the "hot dog man," and now, entrepreneur and creator of Little Acre Gourmet Foods.
Her background may seem like a crazy quilt of careers, but Trina avoids boredom at all costs and feels that each job has taught her something. These many endeavors have allowed her to approach Little Acre Gourmet with creativity, innovation, fearlessness, and a sense of humor.

About Bill...

As a veteran salesman and manager for a major audio company, upon retirement, Bill’s favorite past-time is chatting with friends and neighbors.
With today’s communications so focused on emailing and texting, Bill feels that the “live chat” seems to have taken a back seat. Bill also loves his condiments. Since he was a little guy, he has topped everything he eats with condiments. In fact, Bill believes food is merely a vehicle for condiments, and the Great American Hot Dog is the perfect vehicle.    
Bill’s love of condiments and talking to people, brought the hot-dog man to downtown Dover. Together, he and Trina opened Downtown Dogs, a hot-dog eatery in the Washington Street Mills with its eclectic community of artists and small businesses.
Once the condiment sales started to take off, we needed to choose between the hot dog business and the Little Acre business. We were torn, but we decided to move forward with Little Acre Gourmet Foods. What an adventure it has been and there is a lot more to look forward too!