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About Us

Here at Little Acre Gourmet Foods...

Our family business’s ethos is to make everyday meals and snacks gourmet with our delicious, easy-to-incorporate natural products.

I began by making condiments for Bill’s (now-closed) Downtown Dogs hot dog stand (based in downtown Dover). Customers began requesting  the condiments, so we decided to take a risk and bottle them. My background as a chemist, food lover and accomplished home cook, coupled with Bill’s self-confessed status as a “condiment connoisseur”, inspired a calculated process of trial and error for devising our recipes. Through all of this one thing has remained constant: we use only the best all-natural ingredients, and no artificial colors or flavors. 

Since those initial batches of Little Acre Gourmet Three Pepper Ketchup (Original, Spicy and More Spicy) and Whole Seed Mustards  were made in 2010, the range has grown. We took our make-every-day-gourmet attitude to snacks and developed a range of Maple Roasted Peanuts (Sea Salt, Original, Spicy, Hot), proving snacking can be taken to the next level too, when natural ingredients are involved. 

Our snacky Maple Roasted Peanuts and More Spicy Ketchup have been recognized by the 2017 Zest Fest Awards and now the Hot Peanuts have taken first place for Salty Snacks in the 2017 Spicy Flave Awards. The range has garnered a following at local expos and food fairs, and Little Acre is available online; at mom-and-pop stores across New England; and at high-end retailers such as Eataly Boston and several Whole Foods Markets. We are always innovating and cooking up something delicious and distinctly local.