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Three Pepper Ketchup Three Pack 13 oz each (choose your heat levels)

$ 24.00

Put A Smile On Your Tongue :)

The Tastier, Healthier Alternative

Three Pepper Ketchup is a gourmet, spicy ketchup made with real vegetables: meaty plum tomatoes and peppers. It is gluten free and contains absolutely no corn syrup with only 2 grams of sugar per tablespoon (50% less than ordinary ketchup).

Top It! Sauce It! Scoop It!

Choose any combination of the following heat levels.
Original with its slightly sweet flavor and a bit of a kick
Turn the intensity up a notche with the Spicy option
Or go with More Spicy for a burst of heat

    Not only great as a ketchup on burgers and fries, as a cocktail sauce on shrimp or crab cakes, as a salsa on nachos, but you can also use it as pizza sauce. Add something special to all your favorites.

    A Marriage of Ketchup and Salsa

    Our Three Pepper Ketchup transforms a classic condiment into a fresh addition to the kitchen pantry - thanks to its temping blend of three types of peppers, ripe, red, meaty, plum tomatoes, white wine vinegar, and spices.

    13 oz  each


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