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Gourmet Condiment Blog — whole seed mustard

Charcuterie anyone?

Charcuterie anyone? August 16, 2016 gourmet condiments gourmet mustard Made in NH party snacks whole seed mustard

We are thrilled that Brian Aldrich from Seacoast Newspapers included Little Acre Gourmet Foods in his article "Build your own charcuterie platter".   "These sauces inspired me to create my own platter of goodness. The mustard in particular is my favorite." Seacoast Online ... See More   Both the Original Whole Seed Mustard or the Balsamic & Fig Whole Seed Mustard work really well as a garnish for Pâté. Top any sausage with the Original Whole Seed Mustard. For all those Brie lovers, try the mustard on Brie and crackers or Brie and puffed pastry. But don't forget the hot dogs! They may need a touch of...

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The Health Benefits of Gourmet Mustard Might Surprise You

The Health Benefits of Gourmet Mustard Might Surprise You May 02, 2016 gourmet mustard healthy mustard mustard ingredients whole seed mustard

Like any good label reader, we took a close look at what’s inside your typical commercial mustard and compared it to the ingredients we use in our gourmet version. The health benefits of...well, “healthy mustard” might just surprise you. How Healthy Is Your Mustard? Do you have mustard in your fridge? If so, it’s most likely one of the major brands that you see in the grocery store on a regular basis. We’re all familiar with the usual suspects: French’s, Gulden’s, and all the other brands in between. Whether it’s yellow, deli-style, or dijon, odds are it contains a multitude...

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