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An Interview With The Condiment Connoisseur

An Interview With The Condiment Connoisseur February 23, 2016 bill ahrens condiments connoisseur gourmet interview little acre three pepper ketchup

It takes two to tango they say, and half of Little Acre Gourmet’s dynamic duo is none other than Dover, New Hampshire’s “hot dog man”, Bill Ahrens. It would seem that Bill has always had a calling for condiments, as even from a young age he has slathered anything and everything in ketchup, mustard, relish…the whole shebang. This guy sure loves his condiments. With the creation of his gourmet hot dog business Downtown Dogs out of downtown Dover, Bill’s affinity for adding flavor and personality to food only grew as he partnered with his wife Trina Ahrens (the other half...

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