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Our Three Pepper Ketchup ...

 On pizza? In mac & cheese? How do you use your Little Acre Three Pepper Ketchup?

 We might call our Three Pepper Ketchup “ketchup”, but it’s more versatile than your average condiment. It has a complex flavor that puts it on any home’s list of pantry essentials, and its dipping-sauce texture makes it perfect as an ingredient in cooking or with snacks like chips. We only use the best ingredients, and a recipe we’ve perfected over years.

 Our customers often tell us about the new and amazing ways they use our Three Pepper Ketchup. Sometimes it’s in ways we’ve never even considered. So we want to hear from you: how do you use your Little Acre?

 We already know it’s the perfect accompaniment to burgers, fries and hotdogs. But what about using it right out of the bottle on crab cakes or oysters?

 The chili and tomato flavors in Three Pepper Ketchup also perfectly match your burrito and taco fillings. Or use it at breakfast – or with easy mid-week dinners – of scrambled eggs and omelets. Top your mac & cheese, gilled-cheese sandwiches, or meatloaf with our ketchup. Add some to tomato soup, any ordinary bean soup, or beef stew to jazz it up. 

 Little Acre is a great dipping sauce, too. Try it with nachos, shrimp, chips or as a sauce on your homemade pizzas. Then enjoy your snack with a Little Acre-infused Bloody Mary.

 For more recipes using Little Acre as an ingredient in classic dishes (sloppy joes, cocktail meatballs, salad dressing, black-bean hummus, lentil salad and more).

Check out our recipes HERE.

 And tell us, how do you use your Little Acre Three Pepper Ketchup?

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