Charcuterie anyone?

We are thrilled that Brian Aldrich from Seacoast Newspapers included Little Acre Gourmet Foods in his article "Build your own charcuterie platter". 

 "These sauces inspired me to create my own platter of goodness. The mustard in particular
is my favorite."

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Both the Original Whole Seed Mustard or the Balsamic & Fig Whole Seed Mustard work
really well as a garnish for Pâté. Top any sausage with the Original Whole Seed Mustard.
For all those Brie lovers, try the mustard on Brie and crackers or Brie and puffed pastry.
But don't forget the hot dogs! They may need a touch of gourmet, too.
Wishing you a gourmet day!

Trina at Little Acre Gourmet


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