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Ketchup Comes From Where?

According to Salt: A World History by Mark Kurlansky, ketchup began in English kitchens as anchovy sauce, and borrowed the Indonesian word for fish sauce, kecap. Variations were created using mushrooms, walnuts, lemons, and eventually tomatoes (referred to widely in prior centuries as "love apples"):

"In eighteenth-century England, anchovy sauce became known as ketchup, katchup, or catsup. 

Ketchup became a tomato sauce, originally called 'tomato ketchup' in America, which is appropriate since the tomato is an American plant, brought to Europe by Hernán Cortés, embraced in the Mediterranean, and regarded with great suspicion in the North. The first known recipe for 'tomato ketchup' was by a New Jersey resident. All that is certain about the date is that it had to be before 1782, the year his unfashionable loyalty to the British Crown forced him to flee to Nova Scotia. 

"The first published recipe for tomato ketchup appeared in 1812, written by a prominent Philadelphia physician and horticulturist, James Mease. Already in 1804 he had observed, employing the term used for tomatoes in the United States at the time, that 'love apples' make 'a fine catsup.' Mease said that the condiment was frequently used by the French. The French have never been known for their fondness for tomato ketchup, so it is thought, given the date, that the French he was referring to, were planter refugees from the Haitian revolution. To this day, a tomato sauce is commonly used in Haiti and referred to as sauce creole. 


 Slice the apples [tomatoes] thin, and over every layer sprinkle a little salt; cover them, and let them lie twenty-four hours; then beat them well, and simmer them half an hour in a bell-metal kettle; add mace and allspice. When cold, add two cloves of raw shallots cut small, and half a gill of brandy to each bottle, which must be corked tight, and kept in a cool place.

 -- James Mease, Archives of Useful Knowledge, Philadelphia, 1812 

Love Apples and Red Peppers In A Bottle......

 Our All Natural Ketchup Ingredients

Our condiments are made from all natural ingredients. There are no corn syrup, and no anchovies in our ketchup.  

Tomatoes                            Sugar                              Salt    
Red Peppers                        Jalapeno Pepper                Pepper
                Wine Vinegar                    Garlic                              Cayenne Pepper   

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